Living in San Francisco Pros and Cons II


San Francisco;-

San Francisco is a dreamer’s land that is on the edge of the sea. There are lots of fantasies which we can hold and feel in reality. This is the land of herbs .There are lots of natural resources. Law of San Francisco is promoting and developing these recourse now. San Francisco is covered with valleys and foggy hills which increase its beauty.Getting info about living in San Francisco pros and cons are quite essential to enjoy the better modes of life.

 Living in San Francisco Pros and Cons;-


  • San Francisco is a great place and with full of colorful nights. You will experience a light and joyful days and nights by living in San Francisco.
  • There are lots of shopping malls. You may collect valuable and desired goods from their shopping centers.
  • One advantage of living in San Francisco is that you can enjoy amazing and fresh food from restaurants. There is a variety of food and the way of their presenting food is awesome.
  • The people of San Francisco are down to earth. They are very cooperative and humble. By living in San Francisco you will never feel yourself alone. Because these peoples are always ready to serve you in any problem at any time.
  • The transportation system is very strong and fast. Transports are in good position and always on time. By living in San Francisco you will never need a car. You may easily get a public transport.
  • The police service is very quick and approachable. They are very humble, cooperative and good in talking.
  • There are beautiful parks, beaches and sceneries. You really feel a paradise world by living in San Francisco as the environment is very fresh, cool and calm.


Living in San Francisco is very expensive. There are really high paid workers.

There is always a rainy weather. Some time you really feel that you will never get dry out.

We may also call it a dangerous land due to many natural disasters like earthquakes.

People of San Francisco are very crazy. They are always in pressure to look good in front of others. Most confused people you may find here.

Postal service is very poor. This is crowded area always filled with traffic noise.


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